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Q. Who is a typical ark-IT-tech customer?

A. Any business of any size and sector... the defining element is

their Business style and practice.

One of the things we and all of our Clients have in common is that we believe in paying for services.

We would all rather pay for consultancy than expect this to be covered by  any commission received

in return for products sold to a customer.


Q. What is a typical way of utilising ark-IT-tech’s services?

A. There are limitless ways, and we will work with our clients to come up with a formula to suit each

of their needs.


Q. What if circumstances change?

A. We expect that the pattern of work and demand will change... After all, we will normally design

and implement change with all of our clients! ark-IT-tech will work with you to plan and develop a

new pattern of support as our relationship with you progresses. This also applies to changes in your

business and customer demands upon you.


For a few of examples of roles we can fulfil for our Customers...  Please click below:


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