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ASM Medicare - ERP System
During a chance telemarketing call, a meeting was set up for Brian Guest (Financial Director of ASM) with Helene Heyes (Solutions Consultant of FD Systems) to look at the business requirements.  Brian was definitely not keen on ‘shopping around’, but he was interested in discussing the issues he had with Helene because of her background in Accounting, Manufacturing and the full Sage solutions portfolio.
At the first meeting with Brian, the current situation and future aims of the business were discussed in depth, and Helene carefully assessed the requirements. The benefits of no prior knowledge of the site were that Helene could look at the needs without taking history or existing solutions into account. At that meeting, she was certain that downsizing was an option and was able to show Brian other Sage solutions, including Sage 200 and Line 50, which would be available to ASM. This gave Brian an incentive to set up meetings with Helene and their own IT Consultant to explore matters further.
The reduction in administration overheads, and cost have help them see the re-engineering of ASM through, and the business is profiting once again.

www.asmmedicare.com                Contact:  brian@asmmedicare.com

Please download the full ASM ERP Case Study here.
ASM Medicare ERP Case Study.pdf
Email: brian@asmmedicare.com?bcc=helene.heyes@ark-IT-tech.com&subject=Contact from ark-IT-tech website reference Helene Heyes